The 5 Best Star Projectors for 2023 - Galaxy Star Projectors Worth Buying

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Star projectors are mesmerizing to watch at any age and make an excellent gift for smart home enthusiasts, entertainers, or people who struggle to fall asleep at night. Light up the night with these five celestial picks.

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A personalized, full-room galaxy effect you must experience to believe. The Merkury Innovations Galaxy Light Projector brings a stellar light show into your room. With LED and Laser projection technology, you can fill up your space with the moving starry night sky. Use the included remote to select from multiple colors, modes, and rotation speeds to create the perfect setting for any mood. Designed with a geometric shape so you can angle to face either the wall or the ceiling.

Merkury Innovations Galaxy Light Projector with LED Laser Projection Quality, Size: 5.5 x 5.5

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